CIRCLEd interactive installation

Introducing CIRCLEd our new interactive light installation. Premiered at Nowhere festival, it features 24 light totems and […]

Electric Wall interactive installation

Electric Wall is an interactive art installation featuring 600 real electrical sparks. It can play any video […]

HExART interactive installation

HExART is an interactive light installation formed by 18 giant hearts with more than 10.000 LEDs. It […]

Hexx Øne Light installation

Hexx Øne is an interactive-modular art installation featuring 7200 Leds forming a mapping tunnel where people can […]

HexxaDom Light installation

HexxaDom is the second modular design of Hexx, an artistic installation light. It incorporates 4000 RGB LEDs […]

‘Tree of light’ installation

l’Arbre de la Llum és una instal.lació de llum interactiva creada per l’artista i enginyer Fèlix Vinyals […]